Author: Himanshu Panwar

Himanshu Panwar


Himanshu is an accomplished patent Illustrator with over 3.5 years of experience in the IP domain. Currently, he is designated as a senior patent illustrator at Sagacious IP, wherein he has spent over 2.5 years handling utility patents, design patents, and office actions from various countries. Himanshu is familiar with software such as AutoCAD, Visio, and Solidworks. In addition, he also works on 3D models and prepares invention drawings for clients as per their requirements. He holds a diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

How 3D Modelling helps in patent Drawing 0

How 3D Modelling Can Enhance Your Patent Drawings

Visual representation has the ability to effectively narrate a complex concept. Which is why drawings and illustrations are used to describe inventions while drafting patent applications. With the technological advancement, several computer-aided tools are...

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