How Sagacious IP Helped a US Based Inventor File an Error-Free Utility Patent Application

Utility patents are the most recognized form of patents and people mostly refer to a utility patent when they use the word “patent”. Such patents are granted for a useful improvement over a product, process, or machine. The patent filing process for utility patents is rather complex and inventors usually require professional help – particularly illustrations, wherein technical patent drawings are needed. By putting together all these pieces, filing can be done for utility patents.

The following case study discusses how Sagacious IP helped a US based inventor to file a utility patent application for his product in specific countries and apprised him of all the technical requirements that would help the application go through without a hitch. 

The Challenge

The company (a U.S. based inventor in machine tool domain) wanted to file a utility patent application for a new product in specific countries. Being unaware of the process, it sought help from our team at Sagacious IP. It also wanted to know what all it took to help a patent application go through smoothly.

Sagacious IP’s Solution

Our team first addressed the client’s concern by imparting relevant knowledge about the entire procedure of filing a utility patent application. It then offered the client various solutions, such as, patent illustration service and patent drafting support service, which offers a 360-degree support. A six-pronged strategy as shown in the figure below was suggested:

Figure 1: Sagacious IP’s six-pronged strategy approach

1) Importance of Utility Patent Application: We first made the client understand the importance of a utility patent application and the various processes associated with it.

2) Suggested patent drafting service and to add drawings in patent application: Creating a patent draft is of utmost importance in a utility patent application. We suggested the client to create a patent draft and add the requisite drawings in the patent application.

3) Described the importance of drawings: Technical drawings in a utility patent application is the next significant step. Client was able to understand the significance that an invention drawing holds in an application.

4) Exhibited examples of our patent drawing samples: For a clear understanding, we also shared with the client samples of our patent drawings and assured him of a quality service.

5) Illustrated the importance of reference lines: Reference lines and reference numbers in drawings hold a significant value. In drawings, different lines have different reference numbers. In a patent draft, we describe the parts of an invention with the help of these reference numbers in patent drawings.

Figure 2: Reference lines in Patent Drawings

6) Described the importance of flowchart in drawings: An invention and its processes are described with the help of a flow chart. In a draft, the various levels and steps are written with the help of reference numbers.

Figure 3: Flowchart in Patent Drawings


The client gained a couple of insights from this systematic approach to problem-solving. Not only did the client understand the process of a utility patent application, they also utilized our services related to filing a patent application. The client now has access to complete knowledge on utility patents and has decided to try our services in the future too.

Our six-pronged strategy approach to analyze problems and offer targeted solutions were highly appreciated. Commending our work, the client has decided to work with us in future and we continue to manage a long-lasting relationship.

Sagacious IP, a global leader in IP consulting, has successfully delivered several illustration projects. We have a skilled team of over 300 researchers who specialize in patent drawings and illustrations. Click here to know more about this service.

-Himanshu Panwar (Illustration) and the Editorial Team

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