5 Key Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Patent Drawing Service Provider

When preparing a patent application, creating accurate and detailed patent drawings is a crucial step. Not only is this task time-consuming, but it also demands a high level of precision to minimize the chances of rejection by the patent examiner. Given that few applicants—whether individual inventors or corporations—possess the necessary skills to produce suitable patent drawings, so it is often wise to seek a patent drawing service from a professional who excels in the field. But how do you select the correct third-party patent drawing service provider?

This article will guide you through the critical process of selecting the best patent drawing service, starting with an overview of general company details, and then delving into five key factors to consider.

Start with Basic Company Details

The journey to selecting the ideal patent drawing service begins by gathering basic information about potential providers. This includes reviewing the service provider’s website, which can offer valuable insight into the company. Verifying professional email addresses and learning about the company’s history, structure, and global presence are essential steps. If the company operates in multiple geographic locations, it would be worthwhile to check if they have local representatives in your region of interest. After all, effective partnership requires trust and understanding, and thorough research ensures that you’re onboarding the right patent drawing service provider.

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Significant Factors to Consider While Selecting a Patent Drawing Service Provider

Successful hiring of the right patent drawing service depends on a series of steps. A wrong vendor can result in low-quality work and additional expenses. The following tips can assist you in hiring the ideal patent drawing service.

Figure 1: Factors to Bear in Mind Before Hiring a Patent Drawing Service Vendor

Data Confidentiality

The importance of confidentiality in patent applications cannot be overstressed, as it is critical to preserving the novelty of your invention. It is essential to ensure that any patent drawing service you consider has robust procedures in place to safeguard your sensitive information. This includes inquiring about their security policies and measures against data breaches.

For example, Sagacious IP, an ISO 27001:2013 certified company, employs FTP servers and undertakes regular security audits to guarantee data protection. Moreover, Sagacious IP has non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and data breach policies to ensure the highest safety levels for any client information entrusted to them.

Software Capabilities

Illustrations need to clearly define inventions, which is often a challenge for novice applicants. Selecting a patent drawing service that possesses a comprehensive toolkit and advanced software capabilities ensures that they can handle complex drawings and make revisions as required. With several tools at an expert vendor’s disposal, they are able to promptly make minute changes to patent drawings upon the applicant’s request at a later stage. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a patent drawing service provider with the right means and tools to complete the task without any complications. Asking for a sample before project allotment can also be immensely beneficial for both parties.

For example, at Sagacious IP, we leverage quality parameters and a quality checklist to ensure the highest standard of patent drawings. We perform quality checks in three stages, namely:

  • Quality check by the Drafter
  • Evaluation by the Team Supervisor
  • Final Analysis by the Quality Manager

This guarantees the overall quality of drawings and compliance with the relevant jurisdiction’s guidelines.

Experience and Knowledge in the Field

The reliability of a patent drawing service can significantly influence the success of your patent application. It is critical to choose a service that has extensive experience and knowledge specific to patent drawing requirements across various jurisdictions. You should also ask the vendor to share work samples and portfolios to showcase their expertise and delivery. One must evaluate if these sample patent drawings are error-free and adhere to the latest drafting criteria. Their past projects and feedback from their existing clients can shed light on this. Therefore, it is paramount to analyse this information through the website or personal interviews.

For example,Sagacious IP has over a decade of experience and has delivered more than 200,000 patent drawings. In addition, we are currently working with 300+ active clients, including Fortune 500s, IAM1000 law firms, start-ups, investors, universities, and others.

Team Size

The size of the team handling your patent drawings can affect the turnaround time and quality of work. A larger team means that the patent drawing service can allocate sufficient resources to ensure timely delivery and attention to detail.

For example, at Sagacious IP, our team of over 40 full-time illustrators ensures the efficient and timely execution of projects, establishing us as one of the largest illustration teams in India. With team members working across different time zones, we seamlessly coordinate with clients worldwide. Moreover, our presence in multiple locations reinforces the integrity of our operational model.

Cost of Services

Cost is a significant factor when choosing a patent drawing service. It’s important to find a balance between quality and expense. Ensure that the service provider is transparent about their pricing, especially concerning revisions and modifications.

For example, Sagacious IP offers minor modifications at no additional charge. However, if there are significant changes from the client’s end, we bill by the amount of work required. In addition, we offer unlimited revisions till the client is satisfied if they choose us to be their patent drawing partner.

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Final Thoughts

Incorporating clear and detailed patent drawings into your application is essential for increasing the chances of a successful patent grant. While some may opt to manage patent drawings internally, collaborating with a specialized patent drawing service can substantially minimize the risk of rejection. At Sagacious IP, we pride ourselves on our expertise in this domain. Our team of experienced illustrators diligently adheres to specific patent office guidelines, ensuring that each drawing meets the necessary standards for approval. To explore more about how Sagacious IP can assist with your patent illustrations, visit our patent drawings/illustrations service page.

– By Ankur Sharma, Himanshu Panwar, Rupesh Vajpayee, Vinod Kumar Yadav (Illustration) and the Editorial Team 

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