5 Benchmark Certifications To Look For In Your Patent Search Partner

Breakthrough ideas are critical to the development and smooth functioning of a business. However, the same innovation that drives a company to the pinnacle of success can cause losses if not protected and managed adequately. Finding an appropriate patent search partner – who recognizes business requirements and provides remarkable patent management solutions – is an effective way to manage intellectual property.

Relevance of Patent Search

A new idea/invention is only granted patent protection if it is novel. How do businesses ensure that their idea or solution is novel? A patentability search determines whether the idea exists in the public domain or not. If found novel & inventive, the patent is approved, and ensures exclusivity and complete rights over one’s intellectual breakthrough.

A thorough patent search is not only used to acertain the patentability of an invention but also assures protection from infringement of someone else’s intellectual property. Detailed patent searches also help in improving the application. It allows one to make a sound intellectual property investment.

What to Look For in a Patent Search Partner

Acquiring patents over ideas is a meticulous process – that’s where the role of a patent search partner assumes utmost significance. The successful patenting of intellectual breakthroughs depends highly upon the Patent Search Partner.

Here are 5 benchmark certifications to look for in your Patent Search Partner:

1.  History and Structure of the Patent Search Firm

Patent search is usually carried out by firms whose structure and history allows one to use their experience in dealing with the issue. An inexperienced company may not have established connections, resources, and required workforce to handle patent search. Therefore, it is important to conduct proper research about the company before trusting them with your intellectual property needs. Certifications for a company add value but they vary from country-to-country. In India, a company must have an ISO 9000 certification to be deemed credible. It means that the company maintains international standards of quality management. 

2. Expertise

Patent search and analysis can be a highly complicated task given the technical language of patents. The search scope varies depending on the technology domain and the type of patent search required. Therefore, the importance of finding a Patent Search Partner who is tailored to analyze your patent needs cannot be stressed enough.

3. Business Credit Report and Insurance Policies

Patent Search firms should have adequate and effective insurance policies to deal with mishandling of the patenting process. Professional indemnity insurance can assure that the Patent Search Partner will have a liability to insure the protection of your intellectual property. It’s wise to stay informed about methodologies followed by the Patent Search Partner as it helps to track their work and time efficiency.

4. Depth of Search and Available Resources

A Patent Search Partner needs to perform in-depth research to ensure a holistic overview of the technology domain. Comprehensibility is important to ensure that a new product that has to be launched in the market does not infringe existing patents. Thus, it becomes important to understand the tools and processes that the search firm uses. Does your Patent Search Partner deploy artificial intelligence, machine learning, or data science experts? In an age where ideas are getting broader and saturated, it is important to utilize cutting-edge technology in research.

5. ISMS Policies

It is essential for a Patent Search Partner to have an Information Security Management System (ISMS) policy in place. A well-managed ISMS policy ensures protection against intellectual property breaches. In India, ISO 27001 certification ensures a company’s security credibility, thus assuring the security of your intellectual property, too.


An innovator may not have the expertise to scramble through a pool of existing information and the complicated processes to ensure registration of their intellectual property. A Patent Search Partner’s proficiency with the subject matter enables companies to find the best possible route for patenting of an invention and its commercialization. The five benchmarks form an ultimate guide to finding a Patent Search Partner.

Sagacious IP offers comprehensive patent information search services. We provide critical insights and relevant information to assist businesses with the patent filing process. Our expertise in the IP ecosystem dates back to 2008. For more details, contact us.

– Editorial Team

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