The Best Way to Create a CAD File of Your Patent Idea – Webinar

Webinar Topic: The Best Way to Create a CAD File of Your Patent Idea

Patent drawings do not contain any measurements and engineering details. Thus, patent drawings do not help manufacturers.

Patent miniature model/ Virtual Prototype is not required for filling patent application. However, most of the inventors wonder. This is so that we get more accurate patent drawing. Further, our CAD drawing enable them to create next step for engineering drawing.

Take your Product Patentable IDEA to the next level with our Ready CAD file. 

Since, we are making patent drawings with schematic drawings as well; we do not require real product line drawings to prior patent application. Hence, what is the need for creating a CAD file of your patent idea? It may increase cost too.

Key-points covered in this webinar

-What is the difference between patent drawings and other types of invention drawings?
-How will CAD drawing help for the design process?
-What are the other useful software in the market for preparing a patent application drawing?
-Why is the explanation of patent drawings done in detail although they accept the schematic drawing?
– Finally, what are the required details in store for an illustrator from an inventor/attorney?

Key note speakers

John Britto – Sr. Manager – Illustration, Sagacious IP
Chandra Prakash – Quality Manager, Sagacious IP


Gavin Roberts, Business Account Manager, Sagacious IP

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