The Best Way to Create a CAD File of Your Patent Idea – Webinar

Webinar Topic: The Best Way to Create a CAD File of Your Patent Idea

Patent drawings do not contain any measurements and engineering details. Thus, patent drawings do not help manufacturers.

Patent miniature model or Virtual Prototype is not required for filling patent application. However, most of the inventors wonder. This is so that we get more accurate patent drawing. Further, our CAD drawing enable them to create next step for engineering drawing.

Take your Product Patentable IDEA to the next level with our Ready CAD file. 

Since, we are making patent drawings with schematic drawings as well; we do not require real product line drawings to prior patent application. Hence, what is the need for creating a CAD file of your patent idea? In addition to that, it may increase cost too.

Key-points covered in this webinar

– Firstly, what is the difference between patent drawings and other types of invention drawings?
-Secondly, How will CAD drawing help for the design process?
-What are the other useful software in the market for preparing a patent application drawing?
-Why is the explanation of patent drawings done in detail although they accept the schematic drawing?
– Finally, what are the required details in store for an illustrator from an inventor/attorney?

Key note speakers

John Britto – Sr. Manager – Illustration, Sagacious IP
Chandra Prakash – Quality Manager, Sagacious IP


Gavin Roberts, Business Account Manager, Sagacious IP

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Webinar Transcript:

Gavin Roberts speaking- Welcome everyone, to the webinar. This is Gavin Robert, Business Manager at Sagacious, signing in from India to welcome you all to the webinar on the topic “The Importance of Patent Drawing Software

Before I go to introduce this topic and the esteemed speakers on our session today, I’m delighted to welcome all the participants from different countries. So welcome, everyone. And, your participation is a wonderful encouragement to the effort and attempt that we are making to raise awareness and spread knowledge that has been honed by Sagacious over several year of working with vendors, R&D organizations, IP departments and IP law practices.

Our first speaker for this session today is Chandra Prakash. He is a quality manager for the illustration team. And, he owns a 6 year of experience in IP industry with the expertise in patent illustration. In addition to that, he is also experienced in utility, design drawings, office action and response sheet etc.

Welcome to the webinar, Chandra Prakash.

Chandra Prakash speaking- Hey! Thanks Gavin for having me on this webinar. It’s a great pleasure to be here.

Gavin Roberts speaking- Thank you, Chandra Prakash!  It’s a pleasure indeed to have you as our lead speaker for today’s program.

And, now our second speaker for this session is Rishabh Arora. He is senior patent illustrator at Sagacious with experience of more than 3 years in the patent industries.

And, with the IP expertise of the patent illustration in the utility drawings, design drawings, and office action, replacement sheet etc.

Welcome to the webinar, Rishabh Arora. But, I believe Rishabh is reconnecting.

So, just allow us to move further and let Chandra Prakash to share the initial remarks for today’s webinar on the topic “The Importance of Patent Drawing Software”. Let’s start with Chandra Prakash.

Chandra Prakash speaking– Thank you, Gavin and thank you, everyone for joining us today. And, in today’s webinar, I’m going to share why the patent drawing software is important.

Context of the Webinar

Drawings are not only the beginning of everything in patent. So, this is an important element of the application. They also facilitate the attorney creativity process by describing what the product is. Invention made by improving functionality of a product, such type of functional characteristics may differentiate one product from another. 

We’ll get high quality patent drawings based on selecting approach and appropriate software.

You can adjust and save the characteristic of your drawing media such as line thickness, line type, etc., by using software.

If output drawing is not having enough details in your output, it may initiate iterations and consequently there are chances of getting a rejection from PTO.

Most of us know the difference between hand drawing and digital illustrations. For those who are interested in drawing digitally but only have experience drawing traditionally and you want to understand the output drawing differences between two software, then this webinar will help you to understand the importance of patent drawing software.

Over to you, Gavin!

Gavin Roberts speaking- Thanks Chandra Prakash. Let us now call Rishabh to share his initial remarks.

Rishabh, over to you!

Rishabh Arora speaking- Yeah. Thank you, Gavin and Chandra Prakash.

In addition to what Chandra Prakash mentioned, I will take you ahead with how this software can help and how it will help the inventors who want take their idea to Illustrator.

How can the software help inventors?

It’s common to mess up with drawings. However, one of the main strength of using software is related to correcting mistakes using appropriate software program and adding features.

Furthermore, we can adjust and save the characteristics of our drawings such as line thickness and other characteristics.

We are going to discuss on every minute but the important points which we always need to keep in mind at the time of drawing preparation or ordering drawings.

Thanks Gavin.

Gavin Roberts speaking- Thank you, Chandra and Rishabh for setting up the context for today’s webinar.

Before we move ahead, I invite our listeners to keep sharing their question as and wwhen they have it during the course of session, they can share their question via GoToWebinar question box on the right side of this presentation window. I will pick up on those questions and ask them to the speakers after they finish their brief talk. Also, here, I would like to make an announcement as Sagacious team is offering up to 4 drawings at no cost to all of our attendees today and the offer is valid for single or initial request only. The participants of this webinar can drop us an e-mail later at [email protected] and we will share it with them.

Now, let us get started with the main part of our presentation and for that let me invite Chandra Prakash to take us through the webinar.


Chandra Prakash speaking- Thank you, Gavin and let me start with the presentation. Before moving to the presentation, I would explain about today’s agenda.

I’m going to explain and cover the following areas as you can see on your screen, which explain how the software is important for painting drawings, patent drawing software and their importance, how patented drawing output format can help you with the additional process of product development.

Before presenting your idea, we recommend developing the design and testing or prototype to insure it works as expected and the patent protects the best design option.

If you are developing patent drawings from rough sketch, these patent drawings also should help to initiate process for your product development. We’re not adding industrial design details in your patent drawings but it should have 15 to 25% for the process of product development. If you have already a virtual prototype, we can access almost all 3-D formats, you can share with us. We’ll extract details from there and prepare most accurate drawings.

Here, we’ll explain about the importance of 3-D model and virtual prototype and finally, I’m going to explain how to view various design format files.

Patent Drawing Software and Their Importance

The type of computer program that allow the user to easily create drawings, if you are willing to shape your international ideas, creatively, then choosing a drawing tool is the best option to you.

The user can make beautiful drawings from scratch with the help of various software techniques.

Software can help to create 3-D renderings and/or virtual prototypes. Adding to that, we are using appropriate software based on requirements like CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, OmniGraffle and Visio.

Now, let me explain all the software a little bit.

Corel Draw

A state-of-art tool with enhanced pen and touch facilities with font management and filtering.


AutoCAD software is a highly customizable and scriptable and supports many CAD formats. You can go back and forth from 2-D to 3-D.

Adobe Illustrator

A industry standard vector-graphics software. You can use it to create drawings, typography and illustrations for print, web, media, video and mobile.


It’s so easy for beginners to get started on and it’s good for creating precise and beautiful graphics.


A diagramming and vector graphics application. It helps you visualize data-connected, business process flow with a host of integrated features.

Importance of AutoCAD

Now, we are moving on to importance of AutoCAD. Patent drawings help to show exactly how the invention works but product drawings are more difficult to get manufacturing as we need to add dimensional details. The size of object is captured in curated units.

Without 3-D model, it’s difficult to get to the manufacturing stage. You can use latest software to create your virtual design product. And, you can show your idea along with 3-D CAD drawings to anyone that will really work.

We are able to provide customers with an extremely accurate representation of their invention because we know how to utilize proper shading to increase the sharpness of an image.

We know how to use the exact shading techniques that can identify and illustrate textures as well as surface material.

If you have 3-D models, then we can extract all required views from CAD models and planar views are produced by mutually perpendicular plane of projections.

The purpose of 3-D model is not only to be able to see what your idea would look like in real life but to be able to provide you a manufacturer. If you file a 3-D model for creating a rapid prototype or final product, we can use all the latest CAD design software to create their design. We can utilize Adobe, PC, PTC, and Autodesk software to assist customers during the drawing and the modelling stage.

We can extract the following views from 3-D model by using AutoCAD.

Six standard views are there.

Plan View

A plan view is an orthographic projection of three-dimensional object, from the position of horizontal plane through the object. In other words, a plan is a sectional view from the top.

The most common way to communicate all the information is by using three different views in a multi view drawing, front view, top view and side views. Other views are back and bottom views.

Perspective view

Perspective is a technique for depicting three-dimensional volumes and spatial relationship in two dimensions, as if from the view point of an observer.

There are typically three types of perspective joints.

One point perspective, two point perspective and three point perspective.

One point perspective is often used for composition of that look at objects from the front. We’re normally using two point perspective.

Next is sectional view of each part.

Sectional view

Sectional View is used on drawings to show an area of hidden parts of an object by cutting away or removing some of partial objects. When parts are assembled, they have complex internal features, hidden lines in standard views become confusing, sectional views are then indispensable, you can show the partial details as like shown on the right-hand side. Don’t forget to add the cutting edge with an arrow to show where the sectional view is taken from.

If you have overall dimension then that will help us to judge the product shape and aspect ratio.

Exploded view

Exploded View shows the components of an object, relations also showing order of assembly.Parts are separated by little distance with imaginary lines and you can select any perspective angle to cover up major parts and their features.

Duplicate view

Duplicate of the view is created without the annotation and detailing items.

Then plane and unornamented views, these are simple plane and undecorated drawings.

Flat object views, in these, user can fill out the details and save the object.

Importance of CorelDraw

Next one, we are going to discuss about importance of CorelDraw.

Vector Graphic

It’s a vector graphic editor tool which operates differently on various objects. An invention can be explained easily when the text description is accompanied with several views of the drawing.

We need to create something simple and effective, an icon or a logo or just have fun with vector art, we can include bitmap-image editor, photo-paint and other graphic related programs. Wide range of editing tools can help us to adjust colour and contrast.

Edit Each Object Separately

Each object can be edited separately, meaning that the shape, colour, size and position can be changed. It is impressive editing software that delivers everything you need to perform, detailed touching and versatile enhancing and makes selective edit.

Other Applications Supporting CDR Files

Adobe Illustrator-Corel, these are the versions like 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro, Corel Word Perfect Office, Any PDF Corel Draw 7, 8, Microsoft Visio 2002- Corel Draw drawing file versions 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0 and extension .cdr and Corel Clipart extension will be .cmx.

Corel draw X4, as for me, is the best version. I actual liked version 10 when it came out and it worked great for me but no doubt X4, 14, is my favourite version and I have no doubt about this. X4 is the best of all. CorelDraw is a powerful capable graphic design app, one that offers some native capabilities that is every editor’s choice.

Importance of Adobe Illustrator

In-Panel Editing

User Interface allows in-panel editing, its option for in-panel editing will save a bunch of time and when working with Adobe Illustrator, you also have the use of multiple ad boards simultaneously, that allows you to work on multiple images in a similar fashion, all at once, which makes you much more productive than the other bird grams which forced you to work on one image at a time.

This software allows for the creation of everything from single design element to entire compositions; limited support for raster graphics.

Adobe Illustrator is an exceptional product for those who are working with vector graphics. If you are using bitmap images with the dot matrix, data structures of pixels, then you will find that this platform offers very little in a way of support. You are able to vectorize your raster images to make use of the toolbox offered by Illustrator though that loses some of information of the graphic and may create undesired results.

Put Logo designing first in line. Have a great choice of colours that can be applied on logos and on other designs.

Resizing and Scaling of Image without Losing the Picture Quality

You have zero resolution issues when working with Adobe Illustrator. That is because the graphics are based on mathematical equations instead of stored pixels. You’re always given sharp grids, crisp lines that are print ready in any dimensions. You’ll never lose resolutions when you are working with graphics through this program. This means you have much more versatility when designing multimedia for various purposes. It is completely scalable.

3-D Functions

Shapes and elements that add a whole new dimension can be generated by using 3-D functions available in Adobe Illustrator.

It can export Illustrator files in Photoshop, PDF with huge effect on the final quality of the work.

It can work on screen resolution. Offers a tool set that is constantly updated which allows you to create professional vector graphics with relative ease. Adobe Illustrator can create drawings with seamless alignment by pixel-perfect shapes.

There are several additional features available to customize the graphics being created through the program as well.

Small Files Created

Compared to similar platforms, illustrator creates files that are relatively small. You can share them quite easily. Or, mail them as an attachment to use them without absorbing a majority of your computer resources. You should not waste a bunch of time syncing your massive files on the cloud either to share them through a service like Dropbox either.

Now we are going to discuss about the importance of Microsoft Visio.

Importance of Microsoft Visio

Draw Diagrams Faster

Draw diagram faster with the improved automatic features, duplicate pages provide you a fast and easy method.


Consistent with Office apps like Excel, to copy not just shapes but also paste properties from one page to another.

If you don’t see the shape you want in ‘search shapes’, then you can use search to find it. The search results appear in the change shape choices to make shape changing even quicker.

Diagram Template

The basic diagram template is a great tool kit to start generic diagrams or to use an existing one.

They’ve updated it to give a wider variety of attractive and useful shapes. You’ll be able to use them to make quick drawings or to add them to other diagrams, illustrating information.

They have added lots of new shapes, including decorative shapes, arrow shapes, graphs and math shapes.

And, then add and align shapes easily and accurately. Changing shape is now easy, clicking a button and picking the shape you want. You can change one shape at a time or multi select shapes at once.

To make it easy, draw off in a diagram with temporary shape and then change it for better looking, more accurate or more appropriate shapes.

When you are ready to finish the diagram, you do not have to worry about losing connections, formatting or settings. Visio transfers, all that over to the new shape automatically.

Sub processes and containers help you to keep information more organized. Search is updated with new keywords to give you better results. The results are organized more clearly and grouped extensively.

It shows the first four relevant shapes in each stencil. And, when you find the shape; you want to add it in your diagram or the whole stencil to the shape pane with 1 click.

Connect your diagram to one or more data sources using icons, symbols and data bars.

Spot Common Errors Easily

Check for common errors and support diagramming standards across your organization using diagram validation. This allows users to check their diagram for common errors and the companies to ensure that employees are following certain diagram standards, diagram validation support for basic flowchart, cross functional flowcharts, Microsoft SharePoint workflow and business process, modelling diagrams.

The flowchart rule set is always available to import into diagrams. You can also import rules from one Visio diagram to another. Any open diagram with rules will be listed as possible source to import rules from. This make it easy to add new validation rules set to any diagram.

Advanced templates contain SharePoint workflow rules and logic. All of the master shapes in the SharePoint workflow stencils correspond directly to workflow activity in SharePoint. Shapes found in others stencils are not recognized as flow chart activity by SharePoint. To start authoring a SharePoint workflow, you can drag shapes to the drawing canvas just like creating in any flowchart in Visio.

Therefore, in order to successfully pass validation, all workflow should start with the start shape and then with the terminate shape.

Interactive Visio Diagrams and Other Applications

Visio alternatively integrates with Micro Office and Office 365. So, you have the power to add Mind map, flowcharts and other diagrams to your document. It is simple to install and easy to use.

Word, Excel and PowerPoint, adding them lets you illustrate data sets, create interactive presentations and break-up text, heavy documents with your diagram.

Over to you, Gavin!

Gavin Roberts speaking– Thank you, Chandra, for the overview of realizing the importance of patent drawing software. I am noticing a good influx of questions from the audience. We may take them at the end of the session. And, I request audience to keep on sharing their thoughts using the webinar chat window. Let me now ask Rishabh to take us through the second part of the topic, “Importance of patent drawing software”.

Over to you, Rishabh!

Rishabh Arora speaking- Thank you Gavin and Chandra.

How patent drawing output format can help you with the additional process of product development?

Product Development is the complete process of developing a new product or improving an existing one for customer. All steps needed to take a product from concept to market available includes: identifying a market lead, researching the competitive landscape, developing your product, building a new minimum viable product, etc. Development process includes idea innovation, screening, concept development, product development, and finally, commercialization.

The necessary tools and resource to make this process work is reverse engineering. Examine the products of competitors’. This helps in generating new ideas.

For objects like toys, house-hold accessories, electronics and many other hard exterior objects, you may require 3-D rendering in order to make a prototype. Makers have to get moulds for every part to get 3-D design turn into physical model.

Developing a Virtual Prototype

At some point, it’s going to be invalid to create a digital sketch of your idea. It’s not only limited to 3-D printing. It’s actually the first process of iteration through the design, by manufacturing physical prototypes and making small changes at each step to improve it.

Innovation of 3-D printing

Designs convert to critical samples with much lower cost and quick turnaround time. It’s a process in which we create physical objects by compositing material in layout based on digital model. All 3-D printing process requires software, hardware, and materials to work together.

Design and Development Outputs

Meet the input requirements for design and development depict the same invention. You need all dimensional detail for mapping the product.

Provide appropriate information for production and for service provision. All productions and service provision process, which should be controlled through product specification. It should contain or reference product acceptance criteria.

Specific characteristics that are essential for safe and proper use of drawing and development output, which we have created from the software, explain the use of the product. The design output is a drawing or specification or manufacturing instruction. Design outputs describe all the components, parts and pieces that go into your device. Design outputs describe all assemblies and sub-assemblies of your product.

Importance of 3-D models

The next part is importance of 3-D model. The purpose of 3-D model is not only being able to see what your idea would like in real life but to be able to provide a manufacture stage of your 3-D model for creating an elaborate prototype or final product.

Patent drawings show exactly how they looked somewhat. Without the 3-D model, it can be difficult to get a manufacturing stage. Once you have a 3-D model working prototype, you are technically ready to apply a non-provisional application.

3-D model not only tells how your idea would like in real life, it shows exactly how the product or invention works. Inventors see the benefit of having a 3-D model, in their invention.

Make either 3-D model for patent pending products, probably, before going for patent application filing. However, you might want to take an additional step of locating manufacturers.

If your idea is profitable, then you need to build it 6cost effectively, depending on product design and suppliers, make you offer your sample at discounted price. Even probably ask pricing for some quantities to get sense of it and how they do discount price on your product. We are able to prepare utility drawings, design drawings and other drawings from almost all 3-D inputs. We are accepting all the formats.

How to View Various Design Format Files?

Most of files fit into one of two general categories- Raster files and Vector files.

Raster Images

Raster file formats are JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, RAW or PSD files. Vector file formats are PDF, EPS, SVG, and AI.

Raster images contain a set grid of dots called pixels where each pixel is assigned to a colour.  One of the biggest disadvantages of raster images is the inability to resize the image without getting cracks or other type of distortions.

For example, increasing the size of small raster image distorts the image because the image editor is resizing each pixel in the image. Hence, due to the absence of pixels in raster images, files can be substantial.

Vector Images

But, vector images are digital artwork. A computer calculates points, lines and curves in this case. Hence, this means that, no matter how large or small, how close you zoom in on the image, the lines, curves and points always zoom. That is, there never are jagged lines or blurry or any kind of distortion in image, no matter how much it’s enlarged.

Also, colours are separated into any type size of sea, bunch of related square’s making coloured areas, which makes changing colours within this graphic as you see it. Let’s click the button.

Adobe Photoshop is the industry-standard image editor which we use to create, design and edit raster images as well as to add effects, shadows and textures to existing designs.

Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard image editor which we use to create, design and edit vector images. Most people will refer to vector graphics as well not EPS.

Yeah. Well, over to you, Gavin!

Gavin Roberts speaking- Thank you, Rishabh for this elaborate coverage on importance of patent drawing software.Chandra and you have covered a lot of ground on this topic. And, I can see a lot of questions coming from audience and I would like to pull up one out of that.

Can you work with any software to improve photo quality and use them on patent application?

I would request Chandra to answer this question please.

Chandra Prakash speaking- Gavin, thank you for asking me to answer this question. Firstly, we need to check the output format and based on that we need to decide which software we have to use. And, it will be a raster image or a vector image, as we discussed, . So, clearly we have already provided clarity over it. So, consequently, based on that, we can pick our software which is suitable for that format. And, we can create required format based on that. I hope I will coverup this question.

Gavin Roberts speaking- Thank you, Chandra. I hope you certainly did. We have not been able to cover all the questions that we received. However, remaining unanswered questions will be answered in the write-ups which we will publish post this webinar. This has been a wonderful session. I’m sure our listeners have great takeaways from this session. And, they will be able to use several of these pointers when working on patent drawings for the business.

Thank you, speakers. At the end, I’d like to make the announcement, again, that Sagacious is offering 4 drawings at no cost to the attendees. The offer is valid for one-time use for the participants of this webinar. And, hence, interested participants of this webinar can drop us an e-mail at [email protected]

You can see that on the screen right now. Lastly, I want to say thank you to all our listeners who helped us start on time and finish as well. We highly appreciate that. And, thank you very much for all. Please join us for the next webinar and have a great day ahead. Thank you everyone.

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