How An Extensive Trademark Search Report Helped Client Identify Infringement On Time

Businesses seek trademarks to protect their brand identity and to prevent competitors from using them without due authorization. For such businesses, trademarks are assets as it gives them exclusive rights over the revenue earned. And that is where trademark searches play a crucial role. They enable businesses to identify any existing mark that resembles their trademark and protect it from infringement.

In this article, we will cover a case study that emphasises the role trademark search reports play in identifying exact and similar-sounding trademarks to avoid possible infringement and ways to take prompt action when infringed upon.

Problem Overview

A renowned US-based law firm recently sought our support in conducting a trademark search. The law firm, which has been providing legal advice to its clients for over 30 years, required a comprehensive trademark search report that included all results related to their mentioned goods and services or nice classification. Hence, the challenge before Sagacious IP’s trademark practitioners was to conduct an in-depth trademark search that would help the client develop a competitive edge over other players and enable them to fully leverage their IP assets.

How We Protected Client’s Trademark

Figure: How We Protected Our Client’s Trademark

As the law firm deals with clients that include businesses owned by founders, families, management teams, and private equity groups, the trademark search project that we received from them was related to different goods and services. The trademark team had to cover all results with and without goods and services and provide a comprehensive search report as per the client’s preference and format.

To start with, the trademark team first conducted a traditional trademark search using paid databases to derive reliable and detailed results. Secondly, an extensive search was performed over web including sites like Google, Yahoo, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, newspapers, yellow pages, white pages, domain names and auction sites like eBay, Alibaba, etc. so that nothing was missed while looking for infringement.

Finally, the team drafted a comprehensive search report with the help of the trademark searching experts, who made sure that all the related results regarding goods and services covering all the possible combinations, different variations, and phonetically similar marks are included in the report. Furthermore, the report highlighted all the marks that could infringe on client’s mark. Throughout the process, the team effectively updated the client on the progress in order to minimize communication gaps.

How Sagacious IP’s Comprehensive Trademark Search Report Impacted Client

Our effective trademark search process and its timely delivery enabled the client to identify infringing entities and act on time to protect their trademark. The client lauded the accuracy and reliability of the comprehensive trademark search report and deemed the results as impressive.

In view of the quality results, Sagacious IP further strengthened the 5-year partnership with the client. So far, the trademark team has conducted nearly 39 trademark searches and delivered comprehensive reports on them to the client. These searches include multi-country and global searches. The team continues to receive such projects from the client in regular intervals.

Sagacious IP’s trademark searches are designed to help businesses identify exact and similar-sounding trademarks under the same classifications, and goods/services. Our trademark search team is committed to offering the most comprehensive trademark search reports on a timely basis. Click here to know more about this service.

– Nitesh Chouhan (Trademark) and the Editorial Team

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