How Can a Free Patent Search Help You?

Free Patent search help you to the importance of getting a paid patent cannot be stressed enough, at the same time; benefits of a free patent search cannot be overlooked. It is wise to conduct a free patent search as a first step – do not spend endless time on this.

A DIY Free Patent Search has the following advantages:

  1. Novelty of your Invention: Conducting free patent search would unearth patents similar or related to your invention. If you identify something which is similar to your invention, you can try and identify how your invention is better – it will help you in preparing your invention for success.  Free Patent Search Help You
  2. Research Direction: If you find too many patents similar to your invention, you might end up giving up the idea of patenting and save on patent prosecution costs. Reading a number of patents related to your field can also give you more background information of missing links and can help you define a new research direction.
  3. Competitive Information: It makes you more aware of your field of invention – what are other similar inventions, who are the people and organizations working in the field. If tomorrow you want to license your patented invention, who might be interested in it?
  4. How to write a Patent: When you have read a couple of patents in your field of invention, it would also help you write your own patent application in the following terms:
    1. How to structure the document.
    2. How to classify your invention.
    3. What kind of drawings to provide.
    4. How to write your claims.
  5. Direct future paid searches: Once you have conducted your preliminary search, you would be able to better define the precise scope of future paid patent searches that you might want to get done and thus save costs – for instance; instead of the whole product you might focus paid search on a particular feature of the product. It would also put you in a better position to question your attorney/researches as to how your invention can be protected in light of the prior art or how you can design a product around patents to avoid infringement!  Free Patent Search Help You

Be more aware before you spend on patent searches.  Free Patent Search Help You

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