How Can a Freedom to Operate (FTO) Search Report Help You? – Webinar

Key-points covered in this webinar (Freedom to Operate [FTO] Search Report)

  1. Firstly, this session helps in understanding the need of a ‘Freedom to Operate’ (FTO) search.
  2. Further, it also aids in understanding ‘Freedom to Operate (FTO) search report in detail – Excel format (a quick walk through).
  3. Additionally, it provides an understanding Freedom to Operate (FTO) search report in detail – PPT format (a quick walk through)
  4. Lastly, it discusses how active and dead patents may help your innovation and negotiations.

Key-note Speaker

Parminder Singh, Senior Patent Analyst, Engg. Searching, Sagacious IP


Tanmay Mittal, Head – IP Solutions, India Region, Sagacious IP

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