Patent Portfolio Mining: How we helped our client save big with the Synergy of AI and Expert Analysis?

A Client Success Story: In the realm of Intellectual Property (IP), the future of AI is reshaping how businesses approach patent licensing. With the rise of AI solutions, companies are increasingly leveraging their patent portfolio to drive innovation and secure competitive advantage. The synergy between AI and Intellectual Property is evident in the strategic use of AI solutions for businesses to enhance their patent strategy and optimize patent portfolio mining/management in a cost-effective manner.

AI Solutions Transforming Patent Portfolio Mining

In a recent case study, a US-based law firm collaborated with us to navigate the monetization potential of a patent portfolio for acquisition. By leveraging our innovative AI Licensing Tool in conjunction with the expert analysis, the firm gained valuable insights and identified lucrative licensing opportunities within the portfolio.

This strategic approach allowed them to assess the strength, scope, and enforceability of the IP assets, ultimately enhancing their decision-making process during negotiations. The integration of AI and manual patent portfolio analysis played a pivotal role in maximizing the value of the transaction and mitigating risks while keeping costs under control.

The Objective

A US-based law firm contemplated acquiring a patent portfolio comprising 4,000 patents but faced several challenges that necessitated a comprehensive solution. Evaluating such a sizeable portfolio required a well-defined strategy to assess its true value and potential. Let’s explore the specific hurdles they encountered and the comprehensive solutions we devised to overcome them, unfolding the story of the strategic approach.

What challenges did we conquer and how?

Budgetary Constraints

The most substantial issue was finding a cost-effective solution that would allow them to analyse a large portfolio without exceeding their limited budget. Traditional manual analysis would have been prohibitively expensive, and investing such a significant budget in a third-party portfolio didn’t seem a smart choice.

Our Solution:

Cost-Efficient AI and Expert Collaboration: We discussed our AI solution with the client to carry out this activity in a cost-effective way. While the client was initially concerned about the quality of the AI-driven outcome, we assured them that we could always revert to manual analysis if the AI’s outcome didn’t meet the required quality standards, absorbing the AI cost. This assurance led the client to trust and try our solution.

For the entire analysis of 4,000 patents, the effective cost dropped down to just $3 per patent. This made it a highly cost-effective solution that seamlessly integrated AI and Intellectual Property to achieve comprehensive results aligned with their financial constraints.

Stringent Timeline

The client required the completion of analysis within a tight timeline.

Our Solution:

Swift Analysis through Amalgamation: Dramatic cost savings were just the start – our AI solution delivered outstanding value by also meeting the client’s stringent timeline for analysis completion. While the budget constraints were alleviated through our cost-effective approach, we simultaneously ensured swift results.

Our AI Solution, combined with expert analysis, quickly conducted preliminary High, Medium, and Low (HML) analysis of the 4,000 patents within three days, a feat that would typically consume 2-3 weeks using manual methods alone.

Figure: Workflow of our AI Licensing Tool

Comprehensive Licensing Overview and Additional Targets

The client sought a comprehensive overview of potential licensing opportunities within the portfolio, including potential targets beyond the initial scope, to gauge its true value and potential.

Our Solution:

Target Infringement and Identifying Open Infringement: Our AI Licensing Tool, complemented by expert analysis, identifies potential infringing products, assesses the extent of overlap of claim elements with product features, and furnishes infringement likelihood scores for each patent and corresponding target companies.

Additionally, our tool employs advanced algorithms which helped the client identify the top five potential target companies beyond the initial scope, accompanied by detailed claim charts, comprehensive scores, and validated web links.

What sets our tool apart from those available in the market?

Client-Driven Selection

  1. Clients actively participated in the review process, independently assessing the results generated by our system.
  2. They specifically focused on patents with scores exceeding 0.8, which indicates a high likelihood of infringement.
  3. These selected cases were then earmarked for further in-depth analysis by Sagacious IP’s experts.
  4. By involving clients directly, we ensure alignment with their priorities and enhance the accuracy of our subsequent investigations.

Unique AI+Human Collaboration

  1. Our tool combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with human expertise.
  2. For the client-selected cases, our system meticulously analysed the patent data, leveraging AI insights.
  3. Simultaneously, our expert analysts contributed their domain knowledge and critical thinking.
  4. The result? Claim charts were generated, illustrating the specific claims within these patents.
  5. This collaborative approach underscores the effectiveness of combining AI-driven automation with human judgment, leading to comprehensive and insightful outcomes.

How satisfied was our client with the services provided?

Throughout the project, Sagacious IP provided comprehensive details on AI functionality and privacy, fostering a transparent environment that alleviated any client apprehensions. The client commended the quick delivery, economic efficiency, and the seamless integration of AI and expert analysis into their IP operations.

This positive experience not only solidified a trusted partnership but also resulted in Sagacious IP securing a chain of projects with the client, marking the beginning of an ongoing collaborative journey.

What’s next?

Sagacious IP’s triumph in this case study underscores the potential of synergizing AI capabilities with expert analysis to optimize processes within the IP domain. Their collaborative approach ensures practical, effective, and bespoke solutions tailored to clients’ specific requirements.

Our AI Solutions, in conjunction with expert analysis, emerge as potent solutions in the IP landscape, as evidenced by this case study. By leveraging both AI insights and human expertise, Sagacious IP is primed to aid clients in identifying valuable licensing opportunities and making well-informed decisions swiftly and cost-effectively.

How can you experience the advantage?

Interested in acquiring a patent portfolio? Sagacious IP, your premier AI Solution Provider, offers an AI Licensing Tool coupled with expert analysis to streamline the process and unearth valuable licensing opportunities.

Fill out the form to receive a complimentary analysis of five patents and experience the benefits firsthand.

– Honey Mago, Mayur Dhingra (AI Development) & Mitthatmeer Kaur

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