Illinois, USA – December 14, 2017 – Sagacious IP, a leading research and consulting firm, successfully hosted its annual sports finale, Super Bowl 2017. All the team members of the company showed appreciable zeal and participated with great enthusiasm, thus making the event a great success.

“The aim of this event is to bring out the sportsmanship within our team members. It helps in maintaining a positive force amongst co-workers which helps them work effectively together as an entity in the long run”, said Prateek Mohunta, COO, Sagacious IP. The Super Bowl 2017 was a variety of indoor and outdoor games. The indoor games consisted of Table Tennis, Foosball, and Pool, while the outdoor games included Football and Cricket. Employees of Sagacious started gearing up for the mega finale since the 26th October 2017. In-house league matches for indoor games were organized in the office premises itself while outdoor games teams played competitively to make it to the finale.

On December 10, 2017, the grand Super Bowl kicked off at 2 PM with the Cricket tournament between Team Spartans (Mechanical) and Team Tornado (LCT+Drafting). Though the result of the competition was a close call, Team Spartans was announced Winner (1st Position) with Team Tornado coming up in 2nd Position. In other games, Team So High (ICT) and Team Mechancii Ver. 2.O (Mechanical + Admin) played an intriguing Football match. And after an energetic display of skill and tenacity, Team So High won the match. All Sagacians that participated in the indoor games played sportingly and were all crowned winners.

“Apart from organizing the Super Bowl annually, we conduct weekly yoga sessions for the enhancement of physical and mental strength of our team members so that they can work as well as relax at the same time”, said Tarun Kumar Bansal, President, Sagacious IP.

About Sagacious IP

Founded in 2007, Sagacious IP is a global player offering comprehensive IP solutions. It is widely known for providing global and multilingual patent search and in-depth licensing support. Sagacious IP currently serves 1200+ clients in 100+ countries. It has won prestigious awards for its patent and technology research services.

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