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Acquisition Support for Patent Buyers

Industry leaders across industries and geographies continually buy IP from third-parties (including other companies, universities as well and start-ups and inventors). This is a major part of their legal defence and product expansion strategy. However, this is often needs proper due diligence before making a buying decision, making it difficult even for larger companies, let alone small & mid-sized companies. Having worked with companies of various sizes, Sagacious IP has devised effective and efficient process for conducting this activity timely and accurately. [Read more …]


Having a strong IP position in any market you operate / plan to operate in is very important. Further creating patent portfolio organically based on one’s own R&D may not always be sufficient in countering the competition / preventing any patent infringement lawsuits. Accordingly, most IP strategy savvy companies often look to acquire patents from other sources to strengthen their position in the market as well as to give them an upper hand in patent infringement lawsuits. Sagacious has been helping companies globally in identifying their buying needs to strengthen their position in the market by studying their current and future market offerings, patent portfolio, global competitive patent landscape and corresponding risks.

Once you have identified areas where you need to buy / acquire patents to strengthen your market position vis-à-vis competitors, it is still a long way to acquiring the right patents at the right price. There are multiple sources to acquire such patents and Sagacious with its unique methodology and sources helps clients to identify the right patents to buy at the right price.

The way it is important to conduct due diligence before any transaction, patent related transactions are not too dissimilar. Sagacious has been providing such due diligence services using its 12-point checklist that easily and quickly identifies any issues and problems with the identified assets. The process covers all procedural, administrative, ownership and validity related checks that may become a problem later.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. However, you may not want to pay overtly in a patent transaction. Patent valuation is a key step before any patent licensing / sell deals, and it is important to get it right for both the parties. However, the patent valuation process should be effective and economical. For the same reason Sagacious IP has developed a patent valuation methodology that helps determine accurate monetary value of the patent in question, which is usually agreeable to both the parties, and at the same time is highly economical.

With immense experience of licensing and monetizing patents, Sagacious can help clients with end-to-end patent acquisition process including identifying buying needs, identifying acquisition targets, doing due diligence and valuation of the identified assets before acquisition as well as negotiations and deal closures. You can make use of Sagacious’ vast experience to understand the intricacies involved in the process and maximize the deal value for you. Further, this service is specially designed for large corporations and/or other end users who want to buy patents at reasonable and correct prices. Often sellers and/or their brokers may inflate the prices when dealing with large corporations / ultimate end users who may benefit from the technologies. A good work around used by many patent buyers is to have a company like Sagacious acquire the patents without disclosing the identity of the end buyer. This usually helps in getting better prices for the given assets.

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