7 Secrets to Producing Error-Free Drawings, Faster and Cheaper Using Advanced Tools

Why this topic is Critical for the Target Audience?

Patent drawing software is essential for creating error-free patent drawings which are a critical part of the patent process. The software helps to obtain high-quality patents. Lots of patent and drawing software available in the market. But state of art tool and technology is the most important for professional output.

We recommend getting the most appropriate software format for our audience’s future use. This webinar will give proper idea about the new technology using software.

Key Points Covered in the Webinar

  1. Techniques to prepare drawings by using appropriate software
  2. How does the patented drawing output format help with the additional process of product development?
  3. Role of AI technology in patent drawing software development
  4. How do you view various input files?
  5. Really software making difference in appearance of patent figures?


John Britto, Senior Manager, Sagacious IP

Kalyani, Sr. Illustrator, Sagacious IP

Raul Ahlawat, Illustrator, Sagacious IP

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