How to Reduce Costs By Outsourcing IDS Management

Why this topic is Critical For the Target Audience?

Submission of an Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) is an important step in the patent prosecution since it’s the duty of an applicant to disclose all relevant prior art known to be material to patentability. IDS is also called the Duty of Candor

Outsourcing IDS will help the attorneys, agents, law firms or solo practitioners to fetch the references from the Co-Pending Applications and get them citied in the IDS. The USPTO will consider all information from the priority applications of the current application. Hence, outsourcing IDS would help the attorneys get all the references citied in an IDS without missing out any citation.

The duty of Disclosure applies to each application filed in the U.S. Therefore, outsourcing IDS management would help the attorneys save the time and efforts so that they can focus on other legal aspects.

Outsourcing IDS management helps attorneys or agents to identify relevant references mentioned during the patent prosecution of their counterparts and providing copies of the relevant documents to avoid rejections or oppositions.

A streamlined IDS process and the centralization of references help in cross-citations. This reduces errors and saves time.

An IDS must be filed within proper timeframes. Outsourcing IDS management can help the attorneys save additional costs or avoid filing for Request for continued Examination.

Key Points Covered in the Webinar?

  1. Define Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) & when it should be filed?
  2. What should be included in an IDS?
  3. How to reduce costs by outsourcing IDS.
  4. Case studies on how Sagacious helped its clients in managing their IDS(s) globally.


Sudipta Dey, Project Manager, IPMS, Sagacious IP

Key Speaker

Rashi Sethi, Project Manager, IPMS, Sagacious IP

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