Advanced Patent Landscape Reports for New Technology Verticals

How Can Advanced Patent Landscape Reports Help You Enter A New Technology Vertical: Moving into a new domain requires a thorough understanding of the prospective market. It will be fair to say that Intellectual Property trends play a significant role in serving that information. And that’s where Advanced Patent Landscape Reports become useful as a support system for businesses to make informed decisions. They are designed to include details on various areas of technology that shed light into a particular domain.

Details such as patent trends, market knowledge such as mergers & acquisitions, patent licensing, litigation, and opposition activities, etc. get displayed in these patent landscape reports. They are presented in the form of charts from which key insights are drawn and are segregated to present the crux of the situation to help mitigate the associated business opportunities and risks. The insights gained from the preparation of a patent landscape report can be applied to almost any organization engaged in the evaluation of technology, and its impact on business market. Government agencies, as well as private enterprises can gain valuable perspectives on a developing, or a well-established field by obtaining such reports; and we at Sagacious IP are proud to share that one such report helped one of our renowned client to successfully enter a new market. Let’s have a quick peek at this report:

Impact of Advanced Patent Landscape Reports on IP Business

Advanced Patent Landscape Reports help in making crucial decisions and gives enough knowledge of whether & where to invest in a domain. It provides insights on a particular domain and helps in deciding the scope of white space in this area. On the basis of this report, one can decide whether and where to conduct a white space analysis to uncover crucial details on untapped areas of a technology and helps businesses focus on such crucial details. This helps organizations to enter a new market with a strong strategy.

Besides that, APLRs also help gauge whether one should enter a new technological domain via acquisition and mergers. They can be used as a drafting manual for key strategies such as acquisition; patent filing; key country markets, etc. It also helps to uncover the growth of IP field and determine whether it is worth investing in that area. PLRs can also determine the top patents that have impacted the market and the countries that are obsolete from this technology. It also sheds light into the scope of competition and whether it is high or low. Apart from this, it also tells you about active litigations and the companies that are aggressively looking to acquire patents.

Key questions answered by Advanced Patent Landscape Reports report:

These reports are an ocean of knowledge and one can draw infinite number of insights from them. However, a few vital questions answered by these reports are following:

  • How is this domain is performing?
  • What is going on in the market?
  • Which key Mergers & Acquisitions are flocking the market?
  • What is the amount of patent growth?
  • Which key countries are functional?
  • Are new players entering the market?
  • Which countries are driving innovation at present (from where the patent is being filed)?
  • Which key players are ruling the charts?
  • Are there any leading academic innovators as well?
  • Who are the key inventors?
  • Are companies teaming-up?
  • Where assignee citation wars are going on?
  • Which patents influenced the market the most?
  • What is the age of the portfolio of the key assignees?
  • Which key concepts are added to the basic technology domain?

Who can utilize these Advanced Patent Landscape reports?

Besides anyone who wishes to learn about a market, following are key professionals who will gain significantly from these reports:

  • CEOs & CXOs
  • Business Strategists
  • Chief IP Councils
  • R & D Heads
  • Innovation managers & Heads
  • Budding entrepreneurs
  • Independent inventors
  • IP Professionals
  • Tech Analysts
  • IP Strategy Professionals
  • Technology Consultants

How is it different from general landscape?

General landscapes provide an in-depth study on a particular technology that usually involves white space analysis & technology tagging of a pool of patents; whereas these reports run an overview of a domain with valuable insights that are drawn not just from patents but also from market. Besides that, key patent identification; litigations; oppositions & licensing, etc. is also added to the report to cover all the aspects from a business point of view.

Types of Patent Landscape Analysis involved:

To find out key insights in a patent domain, a set of patent pool is prepared. This patent pool can be created using the following types of analysis based on business requirements.

  1. Automatic:

As the name suggests, this type of report is automatically drawn and features a class-based analysis with an accuracy of around 40-60% (may vary). While the accuracy is low, it takes less time to draw this report and the costing is also moderately low.

Impact: These types of reports are comparatively cheaper but give a good idea about any technological and business search campaigns. They can be used in initial phases and can play a crucial role in further steps. These reports are exclusively impactful in initial level business proposals.

  • Semi-Automatic:

This type of report is semi-automatic and features a class and filter-based analysis with an accuracy level of around 60-70% (may vary). While the accuracy is average, the costing and time taken to draw this report is moderate.

Impact: These types of reports are a median where rates and quality meet and give a better idea about any technological and business search campaigns. They can be initially used to intermediate phases and can play a crucial role in deciding further steps. These reports are exclusively impactful in intermediate level business proposals.

  • Manual:

This type of report is manually drawn and because of the manual analysis, the accuracy is around 80-90% (may vary). Since the accuracy level is high, it takes a large amount of time and cost to draw this report.

Impact: These types of reports come into play when quality cannot be compromised at any cost and in-depth and consolidated idea about any technological and business search campaigns is required. They can be used in final phases and can play a crucial role in deciding final steps. These reports are exclusively impactful in high level business proposals regarding IP.

Key insights of these Advanced Patent Landscape Reports

Various outcomes are possible with patent landscape reports. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Entry into a new domain
  • Knowledge of the market like:
  • New entrants
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Global overview of the domain
  • Area specific sub-set study
  • Technological trends
  • Licensing, litigation and opposition activity
  • Amount of filing
  • CAGR calculation: Inter-relation between patent filing trend in general and in patent vs. utility model patents
  • Major patent filing areas vs. priority countries
  • Comparison between preferred priority countries
  • Top players vs. Academic players
  • Key players vs. filing trends
  • Co-filing
  • Assignee citation wars
  • Top influential patents
  • Average age of portfolio
  • Key concepts
  • Segmentation overview (Taxonomy-wise details)

Case Study

The positive impact that we made towards one of our client’s business resulted in us receiving plenty of searches from the client: 200 novelty searches, 50 invalidity and landscape searches in a span of one year – to be precise.

Sagacious IP holds a reliable searching database with the best technical experts who have a hands-on experience in tools critical for patent landscape reports (mainly Excel and PowerPoint). With our IP expertise, we were able to draw insights and conclusions for a client who was successfully able to enter a new technological domain.

Curious to know how we can make an impact on your business through patent landscape reports? View our sample report here.

-Parteek Saxena and the Editorial team

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