How Our Comprehensive Trademark Search Report Helped A Company Protect Its IP

Trademark is a sign which differentiates the goods and services of one company from those of other companies. Therefore, it is a common practice among companies to register for trademark protection. But before companies decide to apply for trademark protection, it is advisable to perform a thorough trademark search to ensure that the mark is not already in use by other organization/business in the target markets.

Further, by performing an in-depth availability search (Comprehensive Trademark Search Report), companies not only prevent infringement of existing trademarks but also gain other powerful insights from a full availability search. Trademark searches can be conducted using online databases, trademark focused firms, or via the national trademark registries. Depending on the project requirement, one can also opt for the services of a trademark agent or attorney for a mark search.

Recently, a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative life science research and clinical diagnostics products reached out to Sagacious IP for conducting a custom trademark search. The following article discusses how Sagacious IP helped the client by providing the trademark search results related to their goods & services.

Client and Project Overview

The Client is a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative products for both clinical diagnostics and life science research market with special focus on medical devices/equipment and polymer chain reaction (PCR). The client wanted all the trademark search results which fell under the related goods & services or the Nice classification provided by the client. Notably, the Nice Classification helped the trademark search by organizing information related to trademarks into various indexed classes, thereby simplifying the search process.

Sagacious Solution – Comprehensive Trademark Search Report

At the end of the project, Sagacious IP provided a comprehensive report with the help of the trademark searching experts who ensured that all the results related to the client’s goods & services were covered, including all the possible combination, different variations and similar sounding marks. Finally, achieve the said results, the team searched web content, newspapers, yellow pages, white pages, domain names and various auction sites, among others.

The Sagacious IP Impact

The client was pleased with the project report (Comprehensive Trademark Search Report) and our overall approach towards the project since it helped them make quick decisions to protect their intellectual property (IP). As a result, they contacted us for additional projects. In fact, we have performed 35 searches (11 searches in 2018, 16 searches in 2019 and 8 Searches in 2020) for them so far and are looking forward to receiving more projects.

Final Thoughts for Trademark Search

Conducting an comprehensive trademark search before registering for a trademark is always advisable to prevent the risk of infringement as well as save time and cost associated with the registration process. Sagacious IP’s Trademark Search solutions are specially designed to provide clients the insights they need before filing for trademarks. Further, product-driven companies across the spectrum now rely on mark search prior to launching products or services in new markets. Click here to know more about this service.

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