Design Patent Freedom To Operate (FTO) Search: Sample Report

A comprehensive freedom to operate (FTO) search helps in identifying potential barriers while seeking patent approval and/or at the time of product launches. An FTO search enables businesses to identify claims that can restrain them from manufacturing or selling a certain product in a specific jurisdiction. The search provides best results when performed early in the product or process development phase. It not only helps in avoiding unnecessary costs but also reduces the risk of costly litigations in future.

Sagacious IP has been instrumental in undertaking design FTO searches, covering more than 80 countries, to help businesses make informed decisions. Our report on design patent FTO search pertains to a prior art search against a product design. It discusses the complete research methodology and shares the list of all relevant design patents obtained during the search. Get insights into our FTO analysis search report that discusses:

  • Project Objective: Background, research methodology, data sources, and assumptions for study
  • Search Strategy: Explains in detail the search strategy utilized for the current study
  • Relevance Criteria: Includes summary of relevance criteria used to screen and analyze patents
  • Design Results: List of all the relevant/related design patents obtained after detailed analysis

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