Freedom To Operate (FTO) Analysis: Sample Report

A comprehensive freedom to operate search (FTO) is effective in creating a hassle-free and non-infringing environment for the product’s market. In other words, the search allows businesses to determine if their product or process would infringe any existing patents, regardless of the fact whether the product already exists or is in development phase. When carried out in early phases of product or process development, an FTO search is likely to produce better results. It helps businesses to allocate resources efficiently and avoid time-consuming litigations.

Sagacious IP has completed over 400 FTO search projects helping R&D teams in various organizations to make right amendments before a product launch. Similarly, our freedom to operate search, which covers more than 80 countries, has helped organizations to identify opportunities to license a technology. Therefore, we have drafted an FTO analysis sample report that sheds light on the process. Our freedom to operate analysis sample report discusses the following points:

  • Executive Summary of an FTO Search: Analysis of relevant documents
  • Claim Chart Mapping of Relevant Results: Identified document patent claims vs. product
  • Observations on FTO Findings: Observation table with detailed analysis

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