How to use Existing Patent Application Drawings for Filings in Other Jurisdictions – A Case Study

Patent applicants are often concerned about the heavy costs involved in patenting an innovation, especially when filing applications in multiple jurisdictions. One of the easiest ways to save money in such a scenario is to utilize existing patent application drawings for filings in different geographies. For instance, an applicant can use drawings prepared for USPTO applications for filings in several other geographies – with or without minor modifications.

This case study elaborates on how Sagacious IP assisted an inventor in utilizing the USPTO drawings in other jurisdictions. It also highlights how you can save the cost of filing design applications under multiple jurisdictions, with useful tips and a few examples of patent drawings.

The Challenge

The client wanted to patent an industrial design in multiple jurisdictions but was concerned about the increased time and cost required for the preparation of drawings. We had earlier prepared patent application drawings for the client for USPTO, but they had no plans to patent the same design in other jurisdictions. After consultation with our team, the client decided to file patent applications in other regions as well. The biggest challenge was helping the client save money by aligning the drawings with other jurisdictions without changing the design structure to get the grant without any rejections.

Our Solution

Our team started by apprising the client about the similarities and differences in patent drawing rules for various jurisdictions. We briefed the client on the amount of rework and modifications required in the current USPTO patent drawings to make them suitable for other jurisdictions. Then we identified the ideal approach to fulfill the requirement with minimum effort. The pricing shared with the client was also based on the reduced effort due to the optimized approach, which helped the client save time and money.

Tip – This could have been further optimized if the client had decided to file applications in multiple jurisdictions at the initial stage. This would have reduced not only the cost but also additional effort and time.

Take a look at how Sagacious IP prepared patent application drawings for filings in multiple jurisdictions.

Example of USPTO Drawings Used in Other Jurisdictions

Design Application for USPTO (drawings prepared earlier): Our team had earlier prepared drawings as per the USPTO guidelines and showcased every portion as claimed feature. The USPTO has precise requirements for shading, which makes a professional’s help a must for avoiding rejections. The team applied correct shading to highlight different surfaces and prepared the claim and description as per the design aspects. We also maintained consistency among the parts in the drawings.

Figure 1: Drawing for USPTO Patent Application

Design Application for EPO: The client also wanted to patent the same design with the European Patent Office (EPO). We informed the client about the similarity in EPO and USPTO patent application drawings, and utilized the same illustrations used in the USPTO application. The representation of EPO patent application drawings, too, is quite similar to USPTO drawings. Thus, we only had to update the claim section. Since there were no changes required for the EPO design patent application, no fee was charged. The client was elated with our approach and expertise in EPO guidelines and requirements.

Figure 2: Drawing for EPO Patent Application

Design Application for China: Apart from filing an EPO patent application, the client also wanted to patent the same design in China with CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration). Therefore, we utilized the source files we had prepared for the USPTO application and revised the drawings. As per the Chinese patent guidelines, the illustrations cannot have dotted or dashed lines. We also removed the shading from the USPTO patent application drawings and changed the line thickness in a few portions. Moreover, sheet/page numbers are also not used in drawings in Chinese patent applications. Our team made all the required changes and helped the client file the patent application in China.

Figure 3: Drawing for CNIPA Patent Application

Design Application for the UK: The design requirements in the UK are quite similar to those in China in terms of representation. Therefore, since we already had drawings for China, with minimum effort, we derived the drawings for the UK design application. Design registration, sheet number, and drawing number are not required in the UK; therefore, the same were removed from the drawings. Moreover, we did not need to add shading to the patent drawings. As per the UK patent application guidelines, drawings must contain only black lines (without shading), and are excluded from the description, claims, and abstract. Moreover, these illustrations must be made in such a way that they remain clear and easily readable, even if the size of the image is reduced by one-third. Our team simply added the view names in place of the figure numbers, and the drawings were good to go.

Figure 4: Drawing for the UK Patent Application

Choosing Sagacious IP for Patent Drawings

Sagacious IP has a team of adept and qualified illustrators who specialize in drafting different types of patent application drawings. We follow all the USPTO and other jurisdictions’ rules and regulations in our patent drawing services to ensure that your patent application is processed swiftly with minimal office actions. With a quick turn-around time and iterations done as per client request, our team ensures that the customer is delighted with the results.


With minor modifications, an applicant can use USPTO patent application drawings for filing patents in other jurisdictions. This can help save critical time and money that would otherwise be squandered on preparing fresh drawings for every new jurisdiction. Individual inventors and businesses lacking in-house capabilities can get in touch with a dependable third-party service provider for flawless patent application drawings to save time and accelerate their patent application approval process.

Sagacious IP offers patent application drawings drafted as per the relevant PTO guidelines. We have helped numerous inventors and businesses utilize USPTO patent application drawings in other jurisdictions. Most of our prospects avail our patent drawing service after consultation and turn into regular clients over time. We are expert at preparing utility and design patent drawings that clearly convey the inventor’s idea. Please visit our service page to know more.

– Chandra Prakash Pandey (Illustration) and the Editorial Team

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