How Unitary Patents shall change IP Filing and Management

The Unified Patent Court (UPC) and the Unitary Patent Right (UP) are going to be introduced by early 2023 in the EP states ratifying the agreement. While the preparations are going on for the system to be in place, there are various concerns and a sense of uncertainty amongst patent practitioners, owners and third parties regarding adapting to the upcoming changes. Considering several queries received around UPC/UP, SagaciousIP is conducting a webinar on   How Unitary Patents shall change IP Filing and Management.  In this webinar, our esteemed speaker Bart van Wezenbeek, Dutch and European Patent Attorney, will explain the differences that the UPC/UP will bring and will also provide his insights to several burning questions on the topic.

Key-points covered in the webinar

  1. What is a Unitary Patent and how to apply for it?
  2. What are the advantages, disadvantages, and alternatives of the UP?
  3. How does having a UP affect transfer and licensing of the patent?
  4. What are the fees and how will the filing challenges be managed?
  5. How to obtain information about the status of a UP?
  6. How will the IP services be affected?

Key-note Speaker

Bart van Wezenbeek, Dutch and European Patent Attorney,  Global Advisory Council Member for SagaciousIP


Devika Saini, Senior Manager LSC, Sagacious IP

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