Knock-Out Patentability Searches: Flag IP Conflicts Quickly and Expedite Patent Filing

Many Firms are considering Knock-Out Patentability to speed up their filing process. Searches Before filing a patent application, hundreds of patents need to be scrutinized to access the risks involved. Patentability searches are carried out to identify similar or exact references before filing a patent application. These searches are performed to understand and compare novelty in prior arts, that are helpful in deciding whether to file a patent or not. It often guides inventors to innovate further to seek a patent. These prior arts are also cited by the inventors in patent application as contextual references and jumpstarts a new patent application.

What are knock-out Patentability Searches?

Knock-out search is a type of patentability search with a quick turnaround time. It typically takes a day or two to complete a knock-out search. The objective of a knock-out search is to flag conflicts quickly and reduce time to file a patent.

Why knock-out Patentability Searches?

Knock-out searches are considered a value-for-money option for multiple reasons:

  • These searches can provide prior-art results in a short span of time and in continuous fashion (in some cases). It usually takes around 4-5 hours of searching and 1-2 days of turn-around time to complete the search.

Our clients generally initiate patent drafting in parallel and this helps in reducing time to file the patent applications significantly. For this reason, this service is in great demand among law firms, in-house counsels and other clients who want to reduce patent filing time exponentially.

  • Knock-out search report are generally short and precise. They are customised to present information according to your preference.

Why Sagacious IP?

Sagacious IP has been conducting patentability searches for over a decade. Based in Seattle – USA, we are engaged with more than 100 law firms worldwide exclusively for knock-out searches. More than 2,700 knock-out search reports have been delivered by our experts for various domains, i.e. mechanical, electronics, life sciences, computers, structures, physics, financial models, business methods, chemistry, HVAC and air-conditioning, FMCG, home appliances, sports equipment and training supports, etc.

Here are a few reasons that make Sagacious IP’s knock-out search reports valuable:

1) Easy Reporting Format:

The reporting format of Knock-Out searches is simple, with major focus on relevant prior arts. Results are delivered over email or in a PDF format.

2) Experienced and dedicated team:

There is a dedicated searching team trained to work on knock-out searches that works on these searches on a daily basis. This makes the team work in a super quick mode – while being able to report relevant prior arts as quickly as possible.

3) Defined Processes:

There is a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) with a quick checklist for the team working on these searches. SOP is particularly useful in ensuring quality by minimising errors and boosting efficiency.

4) Continuous Learnings and AI based tools:

We have developed various in-house tools for quick results that includes keyword repository, quick definition of patent classification and many more. Also, we keep recording & sharing our learnings on each search project. This knowledge and other quick shortcuts developed within the team help us to be efficient and productive. Further, we keep enhancing our knowledge through our in-house AI-tools.

5) Client Communication:

We take pride in ensuring end-to-end client support and communication. Being one of our core values, we communicate with our clients on real-time basis in order to initiate a patent draft parallelly.

If you think your business or innovation could benefit from our expert knock-out searches, please feel free to talk with our experts.

-Apoorv Singh, Rajat Gulati (Engineering) and the Editorial Team

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