Patent Drafting: How Solo Practitioners Can Grow Business Without Adding Cost

One of the most critical aspects of filing a patent application is patent drafting. While the task may appear to be administrative in nature, it requires assistance from professionals who not only possess the technical knowledge on the subject-matter but are also well-versed with patent drafting guidelines of all patent offices. This is because patent filing is a nuanced task that involves financial and resource constraints. Therefore, organizations and individual practitioners also involve such patent professionals to manage workload, reduce costs and deliver high-quality results. The following case study explains how Sagacious IP helped its client – a solo practitioner of patent drafting – to expand its business without increasing much cost.

Unveiling the Problem

Sagacious IP was recently approached by a client who is a solo patent practitioner operating in the patent drafting domain. The client, who is a patent attorney, runs a law firm majorly serving individual inventors and small companies.

The main obstacle that the client was facing was to grow his business without adding the cost of hiring associates. At the same time, the client wanted to offer competitive pricing on patent drafting while being still involved in the drafting process. The client approached Sagacious IP with this problem, seeking assistance not only with patent drafting but to also seek help in growing the business without straining the budget.

How Sagacious IP Helped the Client

Sagacious IP understood the challenge and formulated an action plan. To gain the trust of the client, our drafting team offered assistance in drafting detailed description and drawings for the patent application based on the claims drafted by him. The client also shared a brief description of the invention based on his discussion with the inventors.

Once the draft was shared with the client, he gradually increased engagement with the drafting team and also finalized the detailed description as per his writing style.

After a few projects, Sagacious IP offered to write the claims for the patent application. The engagement was such that the client provided rough outlines of the claims describing the intent and scope of the independent claims. Based on the rough outlines, the drafting team prepared the complete set of claims, detailed description, and drawings.

Throughout the process, the goal of the drafting team was to gradually enable the client to manage and increase the number of drafting projects he could undertake i.e., increase his capability to scale-up support as per the requirement. At the same time, the team kept him involved in the process and worked on projects by strictly adhering to his writing style.

The Result

With the assistance and trained resources provided by Sagacious IP, the client prevented additional costs pertaining to hiring or training associates. The client didn’t have to invest in infrastructure, insurance and other overhead costs that come with business expansion. Not only did he have access to resources of varied capabilities and technology expertise but also immediate scalable support, if required. As a result, the client was able to offer reasonable pricing for patent drafting to his clients.

Furthermore, the client lauded the quality and timely delivery of the projects and was optimistic in continuing the engagement with Sagacious IP. The client now considers Sagacious IP as his virtual team and delegates approximately 2-3 projects every month.

If you are looking for assistance with drafting patents, Sagacious IP has got you covered. Our highly experienced team of patent draftsmen can offer you the most cost-effective and result-oriented drafting plans to suit your requirement. Click here to know more about this service.

-Yojit Bhugra (Engineering Drafting) and the Editorial Team

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