How our Patent Monetization Study Helped a Startup in the Biopharmaceutical Domain

Recently, a Silicon Valley Start-up reached out to Sagacious IP with a project to conduct a patent monetization study to understand the potential for commercialization of an innovative therapeutic protein conjugation technology. The following article discusses how we went about the project and enabled the client to make informed decisions about commercialization of the technology.

The Challenge

Our client had developed an innovative therapeutic protein conjugation technology and was in the process of commercializing the technology. Therefore, they wanted Sagacious IP to perform a patent monetization study to better understand the value and potential for the commercialization of the said technology.

The Solution using Patent Monetization Study

To begin with, Sagacious IP developed an in-depth understanding of the company’s patent portfolio and the overall protein therapeutic industry to understand the unique properties of the target technology. Notably, we identified the patent numbers from the different patent families of the portfolio that represented all aspects the technology and also performed a legal analysis to identify the active members in various jurisdictions.

For the project, Sagacious IP categorized the complete monetization study into four stages:

1. Infringement Analysis

2. Validity Search

3. Technology Evaluation Study

4. Patent Valuation

During infringement analysis, we identified infringing products in all jurisdictions of interest against the broadest claims and prepared Evidence of Use charts. Next, we performed a validity study to find any prior arts that could affect the validity of the granted patent families to prepare for possible oppositions. We then prepared technology evaluation reports for the target technology and identified potential buyers, licensees based on portfolio study and market research of the players in the industry. Finally, we conducted an IP valuation analysis to assign a monetary value to the patent portfolio for its potential licensing (exclusive) deals based on various IP and market parameters. At the end of the project, Sagacious IP provided an overview of all the monetization aspects to the client to enable them to make informed decisions about commercialization of the technology.

Project Summary

Project Summary_Patent Monetization Study

The Impact

Our client was pleased to receive a comprehensive report entailing an overview of all the monetization aspects. This enabled them to make informed decisions about commercialization of their therapeutic protein conjugation technology. One of the major highlights of Sagacious IP’s solution was the well-structured four-stage patent monetization study, which was appreciated by them.

Way Forward

At Sagacious IP, we believe that it is important to understand the challenges faced by our clients and develop strategies to tackle them accordingly. The better we understand their issues, the better we will be able to serve their needs.

For most companies today, it is important to develop the right strategies to identify and evaluate the value and potential of commercialization of their technologies. However, it can be difficult due to predispositions and lack of expertise in the field. Please contact us to understand how we can help you in your projects. Our Patent Licensing and Monetization service provides complete solutions, from ranking your patent portfolio to finding probable licensees, that enables you to transform your IP into a revenue generation unit. Click here to know more about the service.

-The Life Sciences and Editorial Team

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