Process of Patent Licensing Monetization Support

Process of Patent Licensing Monetization Support: Based on more than 10 years of experience in Patent Licensing activities, Sagacious knows the most important aspect of driving a licensing deal is the technical research. Our focus is to ease the process of licensing for the interested parties and provide a stronger negotiation stance for extracting the maximum value out of the patents through a supported deep research background analysis.

It is of utmost importance to comprehend the exact value of your IP and build the best monetization opportunity through licensing of IP. We help our customers to identify the best patent licensing in / out workflow through an exhaustive analysis of their portfolio and a cautious research of particular ventures and items as target.

Look before you leap is the crux! Before agreeing for a license deal, it is critical to comprehend the quality of your patents and loop-holes in your current portfolio and adopt the correct monetization opportunity beneficial to you. We will help you in taking the most critical call in monetizing your patent either via sale or licensing? We will help you to explore the opportunities by:

Licensing- In:  Acquiring the patents of other parties to strengthen your patent portfolio.

Licensing-Out: Renounce the lesser value or non-core patents or licensing of current patent.

Licensing-Out Solutions  

The team will help you to recognize the most appropriate potential clients for offering the licenses of your IP. This includes:

1. Sagacious team will find manufacturers or service providers that are unlawfully offering your protected invention. The in-house analyst will be providing you a report of Evidence of Use (EoU) charts as conclusive deliverable.

2. The experts will recognize the possible interested individuals that work in a similar field of technology or manufacture comparable items but are not practicing your protected invention, and henceforth can be keen on licensing your innovation. We follow the strategy of analyzing business and technical model of the interested parties that would conceivably license or purchase your patent rights.

Licensing- In Solutions

Purchasing a license to utilize the IP has a few advantages. It decreases the costs engaged with R&D activity, expands the market area and at last gives an upper hand to your business. We help to distinguish the patent portfolio best for procurement, with specific detailing on un-relegated patent and patented claims by colleges.

The strategic plan for licensing-in requires firstly comprehending the requirements of your business and estimating by what percentage the license will profit your present portfolio which can be conducted through a high-level investment and due diligence, thus helping in the evaluation of the available opportunities. Our professionals will recognize the most appropriate innovative technologies and patent that can fortify your portfolio. We will also examine and evaluate technologies or patent by understanding the claim scope and benchmarking them i.e. contrasting the technology and its patent on numerous parameters like Claim Scope, Age, Citation/Year, Independent Claim Length, Validity, Forward Reference, Inventor count and so on. Finally, the technical experts will determine the best of best parties for licensing.

Be it pre-litigation support or providing support throughout the litigation cycle, Sagacious, with its extensive work with the largest and most active NPEs, leverages the best practices to obtain conclusive results.

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