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Mining patents to Maximize value of portfolio

Our SEP Mining service enables you to identify Standard-essential Patents (SEPs) which claim an invention that must be used to abide by the technical standards managed and updated by standard-setting organizations (SSOs). Therefore, SEPs in a portfolio form a technology cluster that can be licensed under fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms. The SEPs are always valuable – even if a SEP of average/low value enters a cluster, it makes the aggregate value higher.

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Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

A US division of a Europe-based telecom company sought to identify the SEPs that have added to their portfolio since the last declaration. Being a pioneer in the industry, they wanted to ensure the licensing revenue from their SEPs contributes well to their annual turnover. During the project, Sagacious IP performed a strategic SEP mining from its portfolio and identified new patent families that read onto the technical reports of standard which can be monitored if the sections were added to the technical specifications.

Impact Story 2

A Europe-based smartphone company was prosecuted by a wireless SEP patent pool and asked to take the license of the entire patent pool. The list of SEPs was shared with the company for reference. Sagacious IP discovered that some of the patents were not SEPs and most of the SEPs (related to network) were not applicable to the products (related to user equipment).

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