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Sagacious IPs Patent Ranking Tool is an innovative way of ranking patents through quality indicators. Our in-house patent ranking tool automatically prioritizes patents for manual analysis required for any specific business objective. Gain insights through the patent ranking algorithm that does a qualitative analysis to arrange patents as per their priority.

Qualitative Analysis For A Thorough Result

In-House Patent Ranking Tool at Sagacious IP

In a quest to better serve the IP industry, Sagacious IP has developed a ranking tool that utilizes the quality indicating parameters to gain quality insight before investing manual efforts in analysing them. The patent ranking algorithm analyses the patents based on their quality and arranges in a prioritized order to achieve various business objectives.

Patent professionals find this algorithm suitable to gain insights for different business needs or objectives:

Why Us?
At Sagacious IP, we use different tools to conduct patent ranking. Prime reasons why our clients trust us:
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Case Studies/Success Stories

Success Story 1

A US-based video codec patent pool utilized patent ranking for mining the new contributors to their pool. The video codec industry has a vast range of patents and a detailed patent landscape to identify the contributors going over-budget.

Success Story 2

A US-based server company wanted to mine the patents from their portfolio that can be utilized to initiate a new licensing campaign. The portfolio was over 10K patents and mining good patents from it was a real challenge. We ranked the patents with their parameters indicative of licensing to get a prioritized list for manual analysis.

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