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Validity searches is an important step in any due diligence before licensing or selling of your IP as it directly impacts the value of your patent. However, validity search should not become a bottleneck in terms of cost and time in your licensing / selling process. Accordingly, Sagacious IP has developed a quick and economical process for checking the validity of a single patent as well as multiple patents in a portfolio.

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Impact Stories

Pre-Assertion Validity Checks for a Leading US-based NPE

A prominent US-based NPE specializing in IP portfolio management, patent licensing and monetization approached Sagacious IP for custom patent validity searches before assertion of patent rights. Our team helped the client create a custom invalidity search variant with a specific budget and jurisdictional coverage as required. The validity searches conducted were to the point and very well received leading not just to continuous business inflow for us but also helped make the client’s processes efficient and effective.

Validity Searches as part of acquisition due diligence for the world’s Leading US-based E-Commerce giant

A global e-commerce giant based out of the US reached out to Sagacious IP for custom validity searches as a part of their due diligence before acquisition. The team that already works in an FTE arrangement with the client on other services, took up the challenge to conduct these critical validity searches. In addition to the millions of dollars that hinged on the search results ensuring that patent assets were valid was of critical importance. The team was able to conduct comprehensive searches covering 100+ countries to ensure that the best patents were shortlisted.

Supporting Licensing Program Through Validity Searches

A leading Japanese IP asset managing (licensing) company consults Sagacious IP for evaluating the validity of IP assets before launching any commercialization program.

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