Author: Sumit Prasad

Sumit Prasad

Innovation and Technology

Sumit is an accomplished IP professional with over 8 years of experience as a patent expert and IP consultant. At Sagacious IP, he is leading the Technology and Innovation division. Sumit has helped clients, including start-ups, MSMEs, R&D groups of GCoEs/Fortune 500, in strategizing their IP activities, mostly through innovation boosting, syndicated research and brainstorming activities. Besides this, he is also leading Sagacious IP’s ‘IT for IP’ initiative by leveraging his IP experience to create algorithms using AI, ML, NLP, Automation, etc. He has developed custom tools/software that can help solve problems in the IP industry. With a mission to integrate IP with technology, Sumit has helped Sagacious IP in automating IP processes and development tools for enhanced efficiency and better interaction with clients. In terms of educational qualification, Sumit is an Electronics Engineer.

Evolution of IPTech as a service (IPTaaS) 0

Evolution of IPTech as a service (IPTaaS)

With the advent of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and automation, it is no surprise that most sectors that were previously governed by traditional structures have now experienced a...

Decoding WIPO PROOF 0

Decoding WIPO PROOF, A Proxy to Blockchain

Decoding WIPO PROOF, A Proxy to Blockchain: WIPO PROOF is an online digital business service introduced by The World Intellectual Property Organization (“WIPO”) that provides an online time stamping solution for unregistered IP assets....

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