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Sagacious IP’s comprehensive Biological Sequence Search helps to find even the most out of sight and uncommon sequences. These sequences are those which are, usually, concealed in a wide variety or range of patent and non-patent literature.

Hence, this makes it perfect for Fortune 500s and research labs which are developing antibodies, primers and/or therapies including peptides or nucleic acids.

Why Biological Sequence Search is necessary?

Biological Sequence Search becomes important for various reasons. A few of them are:

  • Firstly, the search helps you to compare newly designed sequence with existing sequences. This, in turn, helps in determining the type of the invention. For example, it could be an antibody, a GMO or a biomarker, etc.
  • Secondly, Biological Sequence Search enables the production of artificially engineered or recombinant nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) and proteins (enzymes, hormones and peptides etc.)

Benefits of Sagacious IP’s Biological Sequence Search: Who all should avail?

Sagacious IP’s Biological Sequence Search proves to be the most beneficial for the following:

  • R&D companies or research institutes who research new strains, genetically modified foods, or developing antibodies, etc.
  • Universities, Individual Inventors and IP Consultants.
  • Plaintiffs or Defendants in Infringement cases and/or Law Firms
  • Lastly, Researchers or Scientists who are working in Bioinformatics or Dry LabThese sequences are, generally, hidden deep within a wide array of patent and non-patent literature.

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