Design Patent Search Report – Sample

Design Patent Search Report – Sample

Sagacious IP’s Design Patent Search service is mainly for the drawing related part of an invention. And, it also enables you to identify potential infringements or prior-arts.

Design Patent Search finds out related design classifications and later uses them to develop a search strategy. Consequently, this search strategy extensively covers all the designs in a pre-defined technological domain.


Sagacious IP’s Design Patent Search Service: Who is it for?

The Design Patent Search Service is mainly for the following:

  • Firstly, the service will be beneficial for all the innovative companies that are looking for superior designs
  • It, also, is important for companies that are developing or launching a new product
  • The Design Patent Search becomes crucial for the infringing parties who are planning to challenge the validity of a design
  • Companies which are willing to discover existing prior-arts infringed by a newly launched product design. The search service is beneficial for such companies as well.
  • Industries such as consumer electronics, automotive, jewellery, and packaging etc.

Why to choose Sagacious IP’s Design Patent Search service?

  • Sagacious ensures class and keyword based searching
  • Search result categorization is based on their relevance like Identical, Nearly Identical and Related designs
  • Final report containing various views of designs which makes it easier to use

Download the Design Patent Search Report to know more.

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