Contemporary & Hybrid Technology Watch: Staying Ahead & Mitigating Disruption Risks – Webinar

Why is this topic critical for the target audience?

  • Hundreds of thousands of patent applications are filed globally every year in varied technical domains and therefore to compete within the market and minimize risks, a strategy involving monitoring patents and non-patents is vital.
  • Monitoring and analyzing details published through patents and in the non-patents provide exhaustive information that will help a company innovate continuously and be at par with its competitors.
  • Monitoring patents (and technologies) helps in keeping oneself up to date in technology areas and in being aware of any new development years ahead of the actual product launch.
  • Monitoring technical domains enables decision making in determining obsolete technology/patents and corresponding market significance.

Key points to be covered in the webinar:

  • How to setup a technology monitoring and factors to be considered in setting up monitoring.
  • How to use the information obtained through technology monitoring.
  • How does technology monitoring help in risk mitigation?
  • How does technology monitoring help in identifying licensing opportunities?
  • How does monitoring help in strategizing the way ahead for Research and Development?
  • Case Studies on How Sagacious IP Helped its Clients in monitoring domains for making effective strategic decisions.

Moderator: Ram Tenneti, EVP – Business Development, Sagacious IP

Speaker: Harsha Agarwal, Assistant Manager LSC, Sagacious IP

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