Cost-effective Patent Drawings: Accepted in Multiple Countries – Webinar

Topic: Cost-effective Patent Drawings accepted in multiple countries.

Since, it is common knowledge that every jurisdiction or patent office has its own guidelines. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that the formal drawings are compliant with the respective PTOs.
Hence, this webinar will give you an insight into ways to formulate the patent drawings that are acceptable in multiple countries, thereby reducing drawing costs.

Key-points covered in the webinar (Cost-effective Patent Drawings: Accepted in Multiple Countries)

  1. Firstly, learn about satisfactory reproduction of patent drawings.
  2. Further, you learn about preparation of rejection proof patent drawings from 3D files.
  3. Also, this webinar covers various techniques to prepare drawings.
  4. Moreover, it draws a comparison of guidelines of different jurisdictions.
  5. Lastly, it sheds focus on what types of shading can be used in design patents?

Key-note speakers

Ankur Sharma, Sr. Patent Illustrator, Illustration Team, Sagacious IP
Punit Mehta, Patent Illustrator, Illustration Team, Sagacious IP

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