F3 Analysis – A Targeted Approach for Patent Monetization

Effective patent portfolio management is the key to leveraging inventions in order to increase business value. Patent portfolios that are full of high-value patents not only unlock a new revenue stream. Moreover, also help companies establish as market leaders.

A well-crafted portfolio largely contributes in fulfilling various company objectives. These may include establishing the market position, and protecting research and development projects. Moreover, it may also include revenue generation, and facilitating advantageous cross-licensing or settlement agreements.

Patents are not static rights; they require periodic review and maintenance to optimize their value to an entity. After the establishment of portfolio, patent re-balancing and patent pruning benefit businesses in maintaining an active and successful portfolio.

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A Targeted Approach for Patent Monetization

Most established businesses have thousands of patents to manage. However, it’s difficult to determine which ones are vital for their business and have strong potential. Businesses with competitive targets require a robust patent portfolio management strategy.

Sagacious IP has developed a methodology known as F3 Analysis, using artificial intelligence and manual expert analysis. This may help companies evaluate their patents and place them into different categories in terms of potential. Moreover, it deals with entire portfolio management, which involves categorizing patents based on technology and importance to the client. Thus, it helps in identifying monetization, and pruning opportunities as well. Also, it offers full clarity into the portfolio and is often useful in having an edge over competitors. By removing obsolete technology, the cost management and savings help businesses plan for future technology. Essentially, the method aims to deliver macro level insights, while ensuring to make each patent valuable.

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Patent Categorisation via F3 Analysis

The F3 Analysis model helps companies categorize their patents into three major categories:
1. Fundamental Patents (used in their current products or infringed by their competitors.
2. Future Patents (patents which are useful in future products for them or their competitors)
3. Fringe Patents (not directly relevant to them or their competitors and can undergo monetization to generate revenue or abandoned to save IP budget).

The F3 Analysis model currently establishes its feet in U.S., European, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese companies with over 100,000 patents across the globe.

Our unique F3 Analysis model also received the Outstanding Product/Service category award at the prestigious 2019 Global Business Excellence Awards, for helping companies manage their patent portfolios effectively by boosting a mix of Artificial Intelligence and manual expert analysis.

Patent your innovations with Sagacious IP

For more than a decade, Sagacious IP has been innovating new products and services based on its client needs. This innovative concept has resolved one of the most critical business challenges for any organization with a large patent portfolio. It has made it possible for many companies to get a grip on their portfolio and has helped them generate USD 130 million over the past couple of years by monetizing unused IP while helping them save USD 30 million in maintenance fee payments.

Sagacious IP’s Patent Licensing and Monetization service offers end-to-end solutions, from ranking your patent portfolio to identifying potential licenses, that enables you to transform your IP into a revenue generation unit.

Click here to know more about F3 Analysis Model.

– Arshjot Gill (ICT Licensing) and The Editorial Team

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