How We Can Use Past Equivalent Trademark Prosecution Search to Overcome the Examiner’s Objections -Webinar

Why this topic is critical for the target audience?

Every businessman want to ensure legal IP rights for his / her business and products and trademark protection helps for both business and consumer. While filing any new application for new product, most of the people get an objection from the examiner, and from them, those are small firms and individuals generally change their minds and search another name for his/her products, they never research on past prosecutions to take help or idea to get registration for the mark. So, if they research on past equivalent prosecutions, there might be chances to get registration on their marks.

Key points to be covered in the webinar:

  1. Importance of Past equivalent trademark prosecutions search.
  2. Use of Past Equivalent Trademark Prosecution Search.
  3. How this search will expedite the grant?
  4. How can you overcome the examiner’s objections in the court?


Subash Chhetry
Sr. Business Development Executive, Sagacious IP


Gopal Singh Rawat
Sr. Manager —Trademark , Sagacious IP

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