How Our Trademark Knockout Search Helped An Overseas Trademark Protection Company

A unique trademark is indispensable to the process of Brand Recognition. It is the identity of your hard work and dedication. If not created and developed with great care, it can impact your progress in more than one way – be it your revenue or your brand identity or for that matter – your market recognition.

A trademark that is backed by extensive research and is unique to the market acts as a catalyst for increasing the value of your brand. In this article, we will cover a case study wherein our trademark knockout search service helped a company offer better overseas trademark protection services to their client and, that too, in a very limited time period.

Trademark knockout search is an extensive search that should be carried out before applying for a trademark registration. It helps in eliminating discrepancies, as well as similarities of your trademark with that of others. The similarity can be in visual, oral or connotative form. The end result is a unique trademark that represents you in the best manner and is ready to get registered.

Problem Area and the Opportunity Therein

Our client is a consultancy that has expertise in overseas trademark protection. They wanted to conduct a comprehensive and exhaustive search for trademarks and products bearing the exact same name or the design in their respective class of goods and service.

Our client tried many search methods, as well as many other searching firms for the exact word search but could not get a satisfactory outcome as it brought in additional search results despite the exact word search.

Due to time constraints, they were under a lot of pressure and reached out to us with a request to offer instant yet comprehensive results.

Sagacious IP to the rescue

We collected all the necessary information and suggested executing a trademark knockout search due to the time constraints involved. This suggestion was appreciated and got a green light right away.

Our team of experts immediately went into action and prepared a report having all the related results regarding the goods and services in that particular class of products. 

It covered all the possible combinations, different variations, and phonetically similar marks and with 5-7 exact results. Moreover, the report also included our experts comments and a worksheet having the near exact and similar-sounding words to help our clients make a flawless decision.

The results were phenomenal, and the client was highly impressed as they got what they wanted and got all the answers to their queries with perfection, that too, in a very short time period.

Building a long-term relationship

Serving the desired results has helped us deepen the relationship with our clients, as well as paved a path to develop a long-term partnership with them.

Trademark services at Sagacious IP

Sagacious IP are amongst the leaders in the field of Intellectual Property. We offer best in class trademark search and monitoring services. Click here to know more.

– Aditi Yadav (Trademark) and the Editorial Team

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