Patent Licensing Strategies in Life Sciences- Webinar

Why this topic is critical for the target audience?

  • Significance of Licensing in Life Sciences and the objective behind a Licensing study
  • Determining potential licensees and commercialization prospects
  • Determining competition and market standing
  • Platform between IP creation and IP in business strategy
  • IP valuation and market benchmarking of technology

Attention Grabbing Questions in the webinar (Patent Licensing Strategies in Life Sciences):

  1. How is a Licensing Study useful and whom does it benefit?
  2. How to perform IP valuation and gain insights.
  3. Identifying IP correlation with market and trends.
  4. Tips to identify the right portfolio for licensing study.
  5. Case Studies on how Sagacious IP helped corporates in their patent licensing strategies.

Moderated by:

Manisha Rani, Project Manager – LSC, Sagacious IP


Devika Saini, Manager – LSC, Sagacious IP

Who should attend?

Fortune 500s:
Chief IP Counsel
R&D Head
Licensing Depts
Innovation Heads

IP Counsel
R&D Head
Licensing Dept

R&D Institutions:
University Research Department Heads
Technology Transfer Officers

Individual Inventors:
Individual Inventors

Law Firms:
Patent Litigation Attorney
Patent Prosecution Attorney

Solo Practitioners:
Patent Prosecution/Litigation Attorneys

IP Related Professionals:
IP Professionals
Tech Analysts
Technology Consultants

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