A Technical Deep Dive: Video Coding and Streaming Technologies

Why this topic is Critical For the Target Audience?

Video encoding is very important because it easily facilitates transmission of video content over the internet and is crucial because the compression of the raw video reduces the bandwidth and make it easier to transmit, while still maintaining a good quality of experience for end viewers. Most of the streaming technologies are based on video coding standards and having good knowledge of these standards is certainly an upper hand.

Key Points Covered in the Webinar

  1. Brief overview of different Video Coding and Media Streaming Standards.
  2. What is the use of video coding standards?
  3. Evolution of the Video Coding standards.
  4. How to read Video Coding Standard?
  5. Comparing these concepts in H.264, H.265, and H.266.


Faiz Wahid, Regional Head- Europe, Sagacious IP


Gagandeep Singh, Project Manager, Sagacious IP

Abhinav Mahajan, Group Manager, Sagacious IP

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