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Licensing/Monetization Support for Patent Owners

Whether you own a single patent or a large patent portfolio, you must consider monetizing them and open new streams of revenue generation for your business. Sagacious IP’s Patent Licensing and Monetization service offers end-to-end solutions, from ranking your patent portfolio to identifying potential licensees/infringers that enable you to transform your IP into a revenue generation unit [Read more …]


End to End Patent / Technology Licensing Support helps discover hidden revenue streams and potential licensees. As number of patent licensing deals across the globe grows, it has become the core focus area of not only the large IP-centric companies but even for SMEs and individual inventors owning patents. However, to drive maximum benefit out of licensing / selling your patents and making the process efficient, it is of paramount importance to understand the intricacies of licensing/selling intellectual property/ technology and using it as a strategy. Sagacious IP’s years of experience in end-to-end Patent Licensing Support comes handy for equally for large/mid-size organizations and individual IP owners. For large corporations we identify the deal-driving patents, the target markets to maximize the deal value, while for individual IP Owners we assess, design and drive a robust licensing program.

Identifying high-value deal-driving patent(s) from a portfolio is always a tricky and effort-intensive task, irrespective of whether you own a handful of patents or own a substantially large portfolio of patents. Further not carrying out this activity may lead to both revenue loss from high value patents as well as unnecessary expenses in maintaining low quality patents. With experience of working on 1000s of such portfolios, Sagacious IP’s proprietary process (involving an AI algorithm and manual review) allows execution of this task quickly and economically.

Identifying infringers timely is important not only in stopping your competitors from misusing your proprietary technology but also to identify hidden revenue streams. Sagacious IP’s Patent Infringer Identification service does competitive analysis to ensure that your IP is protected from being infringed upon while allowing you to also identify licensing opportunities for your IP..

Before you can take any action against any potential infringers, one needs to collect enough evidence to prove infringement on their patent claims. Collecting such evidences from various sources and mapping them on to the legal language of claims is always a tricky task. Sagacious IP has extensive experience of identifying and presenting such evidence against infringed claims in form of Evidence of Use (EoU) / Claim Charts that can be used in negotiation / litigation. Sagacious IP’s EoU charting service illustrates the infringement by complying to the ‘all elements test’, on the basis of which product or process is accused.

Patent Valuation is a key step before any patent licensing / sell deals, and it is important to get it right for both the parties. However, the patent valuation process should be effective and economical. For the same reason Sagacious IP has developed a patent valuation methodology that helps determine accurate monetary value of your patent which is usually agreeable to both the parties, and at the same time is highly economical.

Validity searches is an important step in any due diligence before licensing or selling of your IP as it directly impacts the value of your patent. However, validity search should not become a bottleneck in terms of cost and time in your licensing / selling process. Accordingly, Sagacious IP has developed a quick and economical process for checking the validity of a single patent as well as multiple patents in a portfolio.

Various Patent Offices provide time-bound opportunities for a patent owner to improve and have a better coverage of their technology by filing CP or CIP applications. However, most applicants are unable to leverage these tools timely either due to ignorance or bandwidth issues. Sagacious IP’s Directed or Strategic Patent Prosecution Support service enables you to build a comprehensive patent portfolio by timely identifying products that are very close in terms of the technology disclosed in the claims of a subject patent and then making changes to the claims so that the ease of identifying infringement for the updated claims increases. These claims are then filed in an application as a CP or CIP applications to increase coverage of your technology to cover even futuristic products and increasing the valuation as well as shelf life of your patent and technology.

When accusing infringement, the onus is on the patent owner to provide sufficient evidences of infringement. Depending upon the technology area of the patent, such evidences may not be readily available based on available product literature and would require further investigation including breaking down the products. Sagacious IP in collaboration with a lab partner has equipment and expertise to deliver quality analysis and reports ascertaining infringement.

Supply Chain Analysis enables one to look at a competitors’ supply chain to identify potential acquisition opportunities from the buyer side and multiple infringement scenarios from the licensor’s side and also look at possibilities related to joint infringements.

For many businesses, applying for and maintaining patents are some of the largest IP-related costs. Sagacious provides patent portfolio evaluation services, where each of the individual patents is independently evaluated for relevance to the current core offerings of the business and overall strength. The analysis helps in making informed decisions regarding which IP assets to shed and which technology areas to strengthen. Analyzing your IP portfolio to determine key value drivers and identify those items that may fall outside the goals of the business increases the potential value of the business and can free resources.

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