Secret to Avoid USPTO Rejection on Patent Drawings – Webinar

Webinar Topic: Patent Drawing Guidelines Series-Part 3 Secret to Avoid USPTO Rejection on Patent Drawings

It is well-obvious that every jurisdiction OR patent office has its guidelines different from the other PTO’s.
Moreover, it becomes critical to make sure that the formal drawings are complying with the relevant PTO’s, to avoid receiving office actions.
Hence, this webinar will give the insight to formulate the patent drawings for USPTO filings.

Key-points covered in this webinar (USPTO Rejection on Patent Drawings)

-Significance of Patent Drawings in USPTO.
-Examiner rejections: utility patent drawings vs design patent drawings.
-What are the differences in guidelines of USPTO for utility & Design patents?
-Additionally, how to respond to an OA & avoid rejections for utility & design patents?
-Lastly, how can a professional help in USPTO approving your drawings?

Key-note Speaker

Ankur Sharma – Senior Patent Illustrator, Sagacious IP


Rahul Rana – Senior Executive – Business Development Sales, Sagacious IP

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